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As Level Up LA begins, we are starting small with one team partnered with one school. However, our goal is to expand into multiple teams partnering with more schools and impacting education across Los Angeles on a more widespread level.  

Each new team, understanding the detrimental effects that unequal educational opportunities have on young students, will embark on their mission. The team will partner with one under-resourced school, uncover their needs and then begin their own journey to help their school Level Up the educational experience for those students.


Each Teen team will be guided by a Parent team who will assist them in building their skills in areas of web design, press communication, fundraising, direct marketing, corporate sponsorship and creating and executing events.   But critical to this mission, is for these teams to learn how to most effectively and efficiently help their under-resourced school.  


To learn more about, or become part of, a Level Up LA Team - contact us using the form below.  We'd love to hear from you!

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