Team #2

Over the past year, Level Up LA has grown tremendously. We now have a Team 2 which is over twice the size of Team 1. Team 2 is excited for opportunities to work with Coliseum Street Elementary and Maple Primary Center.

Team 2 Members:

Alex DiGennaro

Anna Bartle

Ava Meier

Braun Levi

Brooke Stratton

Camryn Rowles

Caroline O'Connor

Cate Childers

Channing Pauley

Eli Goldstein

Emmett Whittaker

Flynn Messick

Gemma Larbalestier

Georgia Miller

Harry Bryan

Jake Smith

Jemma Beardmore

Jonah Behar

Kate Wuepper

Keira Wood

Libby Doris

Lukas Haas

Maddie Grover

Nathan Banks

Owen Clark

Pierce Bergstein

Sam Ceja

Sammy Houston

Saxon Wald

Sydney Ginestro

Tess Hubbard

Tessa Richdale

Victor Lowe

Xander Garrett